New family analytical approach

We are all connected at a deep unconscious level, to the other members of our family at large.
Psychodrama reveal the way we can be unconsciously prisoners of certain disturbing family links.
These links are identifications with members of the family excluded from the system, through invisible loyalties.

For example: unbearable deaths considered as unfair, people prematurely dead, like miscarriage, death of children, death of mother in childbirth, war victims..., or persons that have been condemned and rejected or forgotten persons linked to dramas, conflicts, wars...

This phenomenological approach invites us to look at and aknowledge facts as they are. Our intellect is put in parentheses.
The participants communicate in an unconscious way within the spiritual family field.

How does it work ? Helped by the facilitator, the client who wishes to set up his / her family system, chooses intuitively, among the circle of participants, representatives for the members of his / her family, and places them in the space of the room. These representatives reveal through their sensations and their movements the invisible links that exist between them, or reveal the absence of certain people linked to the system. Blocks and resistances manifest themselves more and more clearly. By letting these blocks express themselves long enough, the resolution finally appears either spontaneously or with the help of the facilitator. For example : honoring and respecting the persons who were despised, resuming the love movement towards mother or father, interrupted by death or absence, putting together again what was separated before i.e. bringing deep reconciliation. This work frees the client from disturbing links, also called intrications. Indeed, the new awareness acquired during the psychodrama, will extend and amplify its healing influence on the whole family, during the following weeks. This freeing effect is intergenerational : it works as well on ascendants as on descendants.

Everybody finds his / her right place in the family, faces his / her own destiny and enjoys again the flow of Life and Love coming from his / her ancestors, and draws from them a great strength , a feeling of inner peace and unity which allows stability in work and relationships.